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24-Aug-2017 11:02

To love an empath is to enter an emotional roller coaster of complexities.

However, they are also very simple in how they know when something is over and they can move on.

They are extremely emotional and will pick up on your own issues. They can feel other people’s pain and will try to fix it.

In return they find themselves with a broken heart. It’s very difficult to stand back and rationally understand why they can get so self-absorbed with someone else’s drama.

In my life, I’ve found that a vital missing piece to this relationship puzzle has been discovering I am a relationship empath.

Empaths are highly sensitive, intuitive, and caring, but they’re also shock absorbers with an extremely permeable nervous system and hyperactive reflexes.

The reason isn’t simply that there aren’t enough available people “out there” or that they’re neurotic.

Personally and professionally, I’ve discovered something more is going on.

I should also clarify what exactly an Empath actually is.

So you don’t get to hear us make a serious effort to properly close the conversation.

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