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30-Oct-2017 11:46

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I am even satisfied if the library is just ONLY doing the above mentioned, because that's enough for me. Really great if it is not using DLLs, because it is not platform independent if it does.

open CVF applet: config: think the project you are looking for is: (I'm the author) There is an example working exactly as you've described - after it's run, the window appear where, after you press "Start" button, you can see live image from webcam device and save it to file after you click on "Snapshot" (source code available, please note that FPS counter in the corner can be disabled): The project is portable (Win XP, Win7, Win8, Linux, Mac, Raspberry Pi) and does not require any additional software to be installed on the PC. Example how to capture single image and save it to PNG file: @Pacerier, you can either use IP camera driver to get data from remote webcam (if camera supports JPEG or MJPEG, demo available in source code) or expose image from local camera via Webcam Streamer (very limited but working web server that serves MJPEG stream).