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What it really looked like to me, however, was that she was trying to recall which foot is left and which is right." Of course, Berkley's acting wasn't the only problem with , "If somebody is to blame it's [screenwriter] Joe [Eszterhas] or me.I think she did exactly what we wanted and what we thought would be good.She’s married to Ralph Lauren’s nephew Greg, and the couple has a 2-year-old son. Then: Actor Dustin Diamond claims he hooked up with 2,000 women while on the show.What was life really like behind the scenes at Bayside High?Now: Lopez has had a second 15 minutes as co-host on “Extra.” He’s also married with two kids.Zack’s next-door neighbor brought smart-girl spunk to the show, and taught Slater a thing or two about being “a pig.” Then: After starring on the show, actress and former teen model Elizabeth Berkley appeared in the notorious stinker “Showgirls.” Now: Berkley placed sixth on “Dancing With the Stars” in 2013.said the starlet "possesses no detectable acting talent.

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The movie will be partially based on cast member Dustin Diamond’s scathing 2009 memoir “Behind the Bell.” Diamond, who played nerdy Screech, dished on sex, drug use and other gossip.

And apparently we failed." He added that Berkley's performance was so good that the public couldn't separate her from Nomi Malone.