Signs you are dating the wrong guy

29-Dec-2017 09:51

And it is a happy feeling to know that the date means so much to him. Does he swear at the drop of a hat, call you his “chick”, “babe”, or any other derogatory nicknames to address you? But then again, would you date a loose mouth dumbass? [Read: Things to talk about in a perfect relationship] #7 Does he treat you with respect? Every girl’s dream is to hook up with a suave, smart man who can make them laugh till happy tears go woozy on their pink cheeks. Aargh, stick your Jimmy Choo up his rear end and limp out of the date if you have to. You have a great dinner, and you’re happy that he’s skipped all the signs of a loser date boy.

But even past the first date, if you find that your date is more nervous than Ratatouille during his first encounter with a human, then he’s something that shouldn’t be there at the table! ] What can you do with a guy who goes wetting his pants each time he sees you or faces an uncomfortable situation? You don’t need to hunt down an English knight, but heck, is asking for a decent boy a big deal? Who wouldn’t like a guy who can make a girl scream at the right times, and then laugh during the rest? But wait until the check comes through before making your judgments.

You’d rather avoid any conflict just because you’re scared they will turn it into a nasty fight. But if even the thought of making it work leaves you exhausted, you’re probably stuck with the wrong person. It's ironic, the more time I spent with him, the more alone I felt, yet somehow I feared the unknown more. Truth is, I let him treat me badly and that's tough to swallow. And the more obvious question: why was I dating him?I was in my late thirties, and this wasn't how my life was supposed to go. I’d wake up alone in the middle of the night in my apartment and more than my biological clock was ticking — my life clock was ticking. He had about two pieces of furniture in a big house (never a good sign). I don't have to give this this ex-boyfriend one more second of my life, but I feel compelled to share my story.

Where was the wedded bliss, the kids and the family Christmas card? I hope my regret can turn into another woman’s decision day. If I could go back in time, I would have ended it a lot sooner. (For me, my dream man and my twin girls were on the other side of ending it.) Yes, the unknown is scary, but ending a relationship that weighs heavily on you is ultimately freeing and empowering.A great guy would want to take care of a great girl, and a guy who can’t get a small detail like a check is no great guy.

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