States with dating violence laws

20-Sep-2017 07:09

The new report gives states lower grades if their laws block minors from seeking protective orders on their own, without parental involvement.Sheryl Cates, CEO of the National Teen Dating Abuse Helpline, said parental involvement is a challenging issue.Initially a temporary protection order that lasts between 14 and 24 days will be issued until a hearing with a judge.Only a handful of states have responded to teen dating violence with laws enabling the youthful victims to obtain protection orders on equal terms with adults, an advocacy group says in a new national survey.

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Studies on TDV prevention most often focus on the evaluation of prevention programs in school and community settings.

Teens under 16 must have their parent or another adult household member file for them.

In Ellensburg, there were 132 domestic violence reports in 2008, 53 fewer than in 2007.

Much less is known about the effects of policy on TDV prevalence.

This study tests a model to explain whether stronger laws regarding TDV, specifically civil protection orders, have an impact on TDV rates in states.

Results show that stronger policy, Democratic party control of the governor’s office, and higher state median income are associated with lower rates of TDV.